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Jack Delosa dropped out of university, was $20,000 in debt and said buying a house is the worst thing you can do. Now he's a millionaire. How did he do it?

ONE political party, more than 1.3 billion people and more single men than Spain's entire population. These 18 numbers about China will blow your mind. 

It's famed as a land of opportunity where anyone willing to work hard can make dreams come true. But inside America a war is being waged between a shrinking middle class and the wealthy 'one per cent' that employ them.

Holden has hit the headlines every day this week, as reports swirl about whether the car manufacturer will continue to operate in Australia. Here's everything you need to know but were too embarrassed to ask.

He sold his first startup for $1.5 billion after just four years. Next came a little company called Facebook. Wait until you see what billionaire Peter Thiel is working on next. 

For the first time in nearly two decades, the US government will shut down after Republicans and Democrats failed to reach an agreement over how to fund the country. Here's how things got so bad.  

A champion weightlifter who is legally blind has slammed the ABC for portraying him as binge drinker.

New York will bounce back after Sandy says former mayor Rudy Giuliani
The Big Apple be storm-ravaged and plunged into darkness, but this is New York at its best, according to former mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Life in a shoebox: Grim reality behind Hong Kong's bright lights
A series of shocking images taken from above provide a bird's-eye view of the cramped living conditions some residents endure in Hong Kong - one of Asia's wealthiest cities.

Drummoyne property owner gets $150,000 in back rent after 22 years
In a story spanning three continents and 22 years, a real estate agent has tracked down the mystery owner of a Sydney waterfront property.

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